"Pippa" by Skogstad : Classic Norwegian parka, 80:20 down

The lovely peeps from Skogstad happened to contact us just as we were scouring Scandinavia for another beautiful 3/4-length fur-trimmed parka to add to our collections, and we were so excited to discover the "Pippa"! We are told that the name was chosen in honour of that rather famous bottom, and it's true that it has a particularly shapely and flattering cut...

Filled with 80:20 down/feathers this is a particularly warm winter coat, designed to cope with harsh Scandinavian winters. Please note that this coat isn't officially classed as waterproof and doesn't have taped seams - but we find that it is water resistant and will withstand at least a light shower, with an outer fabric that feels very similar to our ladies' parkas by Didriksons. Our founder Emma had the privilege to road test a pre-production sample in the early spring and she found that it kept her dry as well as very warm. And now she can't wait for colder weather to start so she can show it off on the school run again!

The coat has a split at the bottom of the back, which can be opened/closed with a zip, offering great flexibility for sitting down in the car, or for cycling or even horse riding. Another great feature is the removable hood, which means that it also looks very smart on the way to work or for a night out for those times when you'd rather bring an umbrella than frizzy hood-hair!

Sizing: We find that this coat comes up reasonably true to size, and would all choose our normal size.

Burgundy beige
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Padding: 80% down, 20% feather
Synthetic fur trim

Price: £159 £59.50

(incl VAT at 20% - if ordering from outside the EU please see our terms and conditions)

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