Loppa unisex100% soft merino

These gorgeously coloured straight cut unisex thermal sets in 100% merino wool from Skogstad in Norway are just the perfect addition for winter as 'the' primary layer piece. Made from 100% Merino wool which has an exceptional softness they are unsurpassed as a base layer.

Comfortable flat seams prevent friction and an elastic waistband ensures comfort and fit. Comfort is also ensured as Merino is naturally warm but critically it won't let you overheat because it also naturally breathes. It also has a high warmth to weight ratio which gives you warmth but not bulk. And the moisture wicking properties of Merino leaves you feeling dry not damp. As Merino wool regulates your body temperature it's perfect for active winter pursuits such as sledging or snowballing but it can also make an ideal base layer for everyday use throughout the UK winter. Perfect under ski jackets Sel and Nona by Skogstad or snow suits from our other brands or even just layered with a fleece or zip top, these first layers are all about being well equipped and happy this winter. Please observe the manufacturer's recommendations, wash it on the wool cycle and never tumble dry. Up to 5% shrinkage.


100% Merino Wool
Sold as a set
Compliant with all EU standards for safety of children's clothing.


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