Didriksons 2-piece rain set Slaskeman is ideal for kids who enjoy the outdoors in any weather. They are our bestselling product for schools, nurseries and individual families, and we think they offer great value for money.

These fabulous sets come with a jacket and bib'n brace dungarees, and are available in ages 6 months to 10 years. The jacket has popper fastenings that are easy for children to handle by themselves and don't get jammed by mud, unlike zips. The hood is detachable for safety as recommended across Scandinavia (so that children don't get trapped on a climbing frame or in a tree - seriously, it happens!). Vibrant colours are made even more high-visibilty by reflective stripes, another typical Scandinavian safety feature.

There is a soft microfleece lining inside the collar for snug comfort, but the clothes are otherwise unlined for year-round versatility. Sleeve and leg openings are elasticated, as are sections of the edge of the hood and the bottom hem. The hood is cleverly designed to protect the face, while giving the wearer a good field of vision. The dungaree straps are adjustable for a perfect fit, allowing the trousers to grow with the child, and poppers under the armpit offer further flexibility. Optional stirrup straps can be tucked inside, but we recommend wearing them over wellingtons with a small heel, to keep them firmly in place.

Sets versus all-in-ones, dungarees versus trousers
These sets work great over warm layers in winter, but equally in summer, when an all-in-one would be too warm.
The dungarees are great on their own on a mild day when the ground is muddy but it isn't actually raining, offering much better protection than elasticated trousers. They also offer much better size flexibility than either an all-in-one or trousers, as the same pair of dungarees will fit a range of shapes and sizes. Finally, they are much easier for children to put on and take off by themselves than either an all-in-one or even elasticated trousers, as they just need to slip the straps over their shoulders, and off they go - once the straps have been adjusted there is no need to even open the clips!

Didriksons Galon is a soft, light, 100% waterproof fabric with 4-way stretch, making it exceptionally comfortable to wear as well as durable. Unlike other fabrics used in children's rain wear - such as PVC - the 100% PU coating is also breathable, ensuring that active children don't get too hot. However please note that as the sets have welded seams for complete water tightness, they aren't classed as fully breathable - fully breathable garments are made in much more expensive fabrics such as Didriksons ^ range, or Gore-Tex, Sympatex etc, and all with taped seams. Such fabrics are hardly ever used in clothing for young children - and let's face it, lightweight yet robust PU is much more suitable for fun in the rain and mud!


Slaskeman, green
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ONLY £10!

( RRP currently £40 - set to increase to £45)



Fabric: Didriksons Galon, 2-layer laminate membrane. Outer layer 100% PU, inner layer 100% PES.

Waterproof level: 5,000 mm
(British Standard for fully waterproof fabrics: 1,500 mm)

waterproof set, red/navy
rain set, sky blue
Sky blue/navy
Scandinavian clothing
for all-weather fun

Kiwi/amazon, red/navy and sky blue/navy have been produced exclusively for VikingKids!